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              This is one R/C Airplane 12x4 APC Sport Composite Propeller          
                                 by Landing Products.                              
    FEATURES: APC props are manufactured using a pultrusion process. This method   
                causes the fiberglass "fibers" to be oriented axially in 1/2" long 
                pellets, allowing for a higher fiber (60%) to resin (nylon binder) 
                density. Providing substantially higher strength and stiffness than
                glass filled nylon.                                                
              The additional stiffness is beneficial to control of vibration       
                resonance response.                                                
              The higher strength allows the use of thinner cross-sections,        
                beneficial to weight and aerodynamic efficiency.                   
              Competition proven.                                                  
              Dark gray composite material.                                        
    INCLUDES: One APC Sport Propeller                                              
    REQUIRES: ALL props require balancing (use TOPQ5700).                          
              May need prop reamer, use GPMQ5005 (SAE) or GPMQ5007 (Metric).       
    SPECS:    Prop Diameter: 12"                                                   
              Prop Pitch:    4                                                     
              Hub Thickness: 0.60"                                                 
              Hub Diameter:  1"                                                    
              Weight:        0.1562lbs                                             
              Engine Shaft Diameter: 5/16"                                         


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