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    Product Description

    This is one of a range of sensors designed and developed by FrSKY to collect important flight information and performance data which can them be transmitted via a telemetry-enabled receiver to a telemetry-compatible transmitter module where it can be displayed on an LCD screen.

    This particular sensor is used to read the voltage of an external battery eg. LiPo flight battery, video or other accessory battery. It is connected directly to the external analog telemetry port (A2) provided on FrSKY telemetry enabled two-way 'D' series receivers where the data can be sent to a compatible transmitter module such as the all-in-one FrSKY ACCST 2.4GHz DHT-U module with integrated telemetry and in-built display with audio alarms.

    The FBVS-01 sensor is supplied pre-wired to pin 3S on the circuit board for monitoring LiPo batteries up to 5S in the range: 0V~19.8V. If you intend to use batteries only up to 3S, you can get get more accurate voltage metering by simply re-soldering the red wire to pin 2S.



    • Three voltage ranges: 0V~6.6V (1S)/ 0V~13.2V (up to 3S)/ 0V~19.8V (up to 5S).
    • The battery voltage division ratio for each option is 2:1 (1S)/ 4:1 (up to 3S)/ 6:1 (up to 5S).


    • Lead length: 265mm (overall)
    • Dimensions: 10 x 20 x 2mm (sensor)
    • Weight: 2g


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