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    This high-quality Shock Spring will allow you to tune your vehicle handling characteristics in seconds. 



    High-quality steel for consistent performance and long-lasting durability - Designed to provide smooth and reliable Shock Absorber action in all conditions - Available in a range of lengths and strengths to provide a wide variety of fast tuning options 



    2 x Shock Springs per pack - 84mm Length (56.6gf/mm) - The higher this number is, the stiffer the Shock Spring is under compression. The lower this number is, the softer the Shock Spring is under compression.


    Other Shock Springs in this range:

    AR330238 SHOCK SPRINGS: 84mm S (52.3gf/mm)

    AR330240 SHOCK SPRINGS: 84mm H (61.7gf/mm)

    AR330233 SHOCK SPRINGS: 70mm S (67.9gf/mm)

    AR330383 SHOCK SPRINGS: 76mm S (73.6gf/mm)

    AR330235 SHOCK SPRINGS: 70mm M (75.5gf/mm)

    AR330384 SHOCK SPRINGS: 76mm M (80.3gf/mm)

    AR330237 SHOCK SPRINGS: 70mm H (84.9gf/mm)

    AR330385 SHOCK SPRINGS: 76mm H (88.3gf/mm)



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