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           This is the Blue Optional Shock Tower from RPM for the              
                           Traxxas T-Maxx or E-Maxx Trucks.                        
             This will mount on either the front or the rear of the truck.         
    FEATURES: Durable blue nylon construction.                                     
              Countersunk screw design                                             
    INCLUDES: One front/rear shock tower                                           
              Two body mounts                                                      
              One front cross member                                               
              One rear cross member                                                
              Four 4-40x1/2" socket head cap screws                                
              Four 4-40 nuts                                                       
              One instruction sheet                                                
    REQUIRES: 3/32" allen wrench for the screws                                    
              1/4" wrench for the nuts                                             
    COMMENTS: This is a direct fit hop-up for the E-Maxx and T-Maxx.               


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