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            This is the replacement Steering Bellcrank Set for the Traxxas         
                               #3905 E-Maxx.                                       
            This will also work as an upgrade for the Nitro Maxx Series and        
                                the #3906 E-Maxx                                   
    FEATURES: Composite nylon construction, black in color                         
              Replaces a worn or damaged bellcrank set                             
    INCLUDES: One Left Bellcrank Lower                                             
              One Left Bellcrank Upper                                             
              One Right Bellcrank                                                  
              One Draglink                                                         
              One Spring Cap                                                       
              One Servo Saver Spring                                               
              Two 3x12mm Shoulder Screws (2.5mm hex size)                          
              Six 3x15 Button Head Cap Screws (2mm hex size)                       
              One Black Nylon Spacer                                               
              Two White Nylon Spacer                                               
    REQUIRES: Assembly and installation following the model manual (a installation 
               sheet is included for T-Maxx and #3906 E-Maxx installations)        
    COMMENTS: If you are installing this bellcrank on any model other than the     
               #3905 E-Maxx the following items will also need to be purchased in  
               order to install this set - TRAC5116, TRAC2579 and TRAC3642    


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