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               This is a rubber band powered model of the B-26 Marauder            
                               from Dumas Aircraft.                                
    FEATURES: Hand selected balsa parts                                            
              Precision laser cut parts                                            
              Color peel and stick decal set                                       
              Vacuum molded plastic parts                                          
              Full size plans with step by step instuctions                        
              Lightweight colored tissue (green and grey in color)                 
              F.A.I. Tan II contest rubber                                         
    INCLUDES: All the wood to build the airplane                                   
              Two 5" (16mm) diameter plastic props (red in color)                  
              One 46" (1,168mm) long rubber strip (for powering the props)         
              Plastic nacelle parts (must be cut out and assembled)                
              Two black plastic 1.5" (37mm) diameter main wheels                   
              One black plastic 1" (25mm) diameter nose wheel                      
              One peel and stick decal sheet                                       
              Three 20" x 30" pieces of green tissue paper                         
              Two 20" x 30" piecec of grey tissue paper                            
              Full size plan sheet with instructions                               
              One 18" (457mm) long piece of music wire (.041" (1mm) diameter)      
              One vacuum formed canopy and nose cone                               
    REQUIRES: Hobby knife, razor blade, canopy scissors, paint for cowling, sand   
              paper, white glue to attach covering, dope for shrinking the tissue  
    SPECS:    Wing span: 30" (762mm)                                               
              Airfoil: flat bottom (high wing)                                     
              Length:    25" (635mm)                                               


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