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    This is the 1:48 scale wooden model kit of the HMS Bounty from Latina.
    The HMS Bounty is very well known to all from films and books.
    It's relatively simple: a merchant ship, rigged as a frigate,
    and equipped for exploration journeys, a common practice amongst
    all the navies during the 18th century.
    FEATURES: Mutiple die cut sheets of wood, five different colors and thicknesses
    of rigging thread. Also includes African Walnut, Ramin, Mahogany,
    and Plywood
    Brass nails, strips, eyebolts, cannons and other brass parts
    Sails are pre-cut and sewn, ready to be placed on model
    INCLUDES: Written manual, color picture manual, sail diagram sheet and
    three sheets of blueprints
    SPECS: Length: 980mm (38-19/32")
    Beam: 355mm (13-31/32")
    Height: 763mm (30- 1/32")
    Scale: 1:48= (1/4 = 1-FT)
    REQUIRES: Wood Glue, CA Glue and Epoxy
    Masking Tape
    Metric Ruler
    Right Angle
    Magnifying Glass or glasses
    Small Hammer
    COMMENTS: Before building, modeler needs to do a complete inventory of the kit
    to ensure that no parts are missing.
    This kit is not for beginners. Modeler should have built two or
    three wooden model ships before attempting this model.



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