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    This is a pair of pre-mounted Trencher 2.2" 1:16 E-REVO® Tires. Leave a mark with your Mini E-REVO wherever you go with Pro-Line's Trencher tires. The Trencher 2.2" tires are designed to give your Mini optimal traction on just about any surface. Super cool horizontal H shaped treads give your truck ridiculous amounts of forward bite. With a tall tread height, you'll find that durability and longevity are second to none. The Trencher is the Ultimate Bashing tire!

    Pro-Line is proud to introduce a new lightweight wheel specifically designed for the extremely popular 1:16 E-REVO! The wheel features a wider offset, just like Pro-Line's immensely popular Bead-Loc Wheels, that will make your truck more stable and handle bumps and jumps like a champion. Pro-Line's 6-spoke Desperado wheel will make your truck the toughest looking one on the block. The wheel is a one-piece glue wheel made out of extremely durable nylon material and features a molded in bead-loc ring for an awesome scale look. This is a 12mm hex wheel. Make your truck stand out from the rest and get some Pro-Line Desperado 2.2" wheels today!


    • The ultimate basher tire!
    • Horizontal H shaped tread for ridiculous amounts of and side-to-side stability
    • Oversized tread are second-to-none in durability and longevity
    • Official Pro-Line logo embossed on sidewall of tire
    • Lightweight 1-piece glue wheel
    • Wide offset wheel that improves stability and performance
    • Awesome scale looks
    • Made in the USA, since 1982 


    • 1:16 E-REVO® Front or Rear
    • 1:16 SUMMIT® Front or Rear


    Height:   3.62" (92mm)
    Width:   1.73" (44mm)


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