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    Hot Racing optional aluminum shock upgrade kit for the Traxxas X-Maxx 6S and 8S; including bleeder caps, spring collars, and spring retainers
    - CNC machined aluminum construction, anodized black
    - Secondarily processed machined beveled edges
    - Bleeder screws for easy shock maintenance
    - Collars with o-rings to prevent unwanted adjustments
    - Shock caps include o-rings to setup the shock as an optional emulsion shock
    - Fits stock shocks without modification
    - Two (2) aluminum bleeder shock caps
    - Two (2) shock cap o-rings (used to setup shocks as emulsion shocks - see comments below)
    - Two (2) aluminum spring adjusters/collars
    - Two (2) aluminum spring seats/cups
    - Kit completes two shocks; two kits required to equip entire vehicle
    Damper Types
    Vented: Use Stock bladder diaphragm Do not need to install, the small cap screw and o-ring.
    Emulsion: Do not install the bladder diaphragm but Use big o-ring, small cap screw and washer
    - Replaces stock Traxxas shock components from Traxxas 7764 and 7767


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