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    UGears Flight Starter, a new cool ballistic hand-held device for launching small aircraft is here to set you off for the skies!

    Traditional for all UGears mechanical models, the Flight Starter features the iconic skeleton steam-punk design that allows observing the work on its fascinating internal mechanism.

    The Flight Starter model is absolutely unique; its one-of-a-kind style is a pure reflection of our designers’ imagination. Looking like a mix of a starship, space station and a blaster gun from some of your favorite sci-fi movies, it is loaded with smart mechanics and super fun to play with the entire family!

    Use the Starter for your own backyard air show or aircraft competition with three airplanes already included with each Flight Starter kit. Take it a step farther by adding a few models of your own creation! The Starters’ versatile design allows you to launch any hand-crafted airship made of paper, cardboard or plywood.

    The Starter is powered up by a rubber-band motor that creates tension. When the aircraft is set on Starter’s launching platform, the safety lock secures it in place. To set it off, turn the Flight Starter winding crank, release the trigger and watch your plane taking off into the skies, covering a distance of nearly 100 feet!

    Some additional adjustments of the paper airplanes’ wings and other elements will allow them to perform barrel-roll, nose-up and loop maneuvers.


    Dimensions: 14.9 × 6.7 × 1.3 in

    Assembled size:
    Estimated time of assembly:
    Difficulty level:
    Number of parts:
    Tools and materials:
    Recommended Age:


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