SCX313TL01 Aluminum 4-Link Set 12.3 Axial SCX10

$64.99 CAD
$64.99 CAD
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         This the optional Hot Racing 4-Link Set for the Axial SCX10.          
FEATURES: Aluminum construction                                                
          Replaces stock plastic links                                         
          Eliminates axle wrap and unwanted axle steer in high-power           
          Black in color with red anodized aluminum highlights                 
          Thirty day limited warranty beginning at date of purchase-valid      
            in the United States only                                          
INCLUDES: Two each                                                             
            Front Lower 4-Links                                                
            Front Upper 4-Links                                                
            Rear Lower 4-Links                                                 
            Rear Upper 4-Links                                                 
            Lock Nuts                                                          
          Fourteen Button Head Cap Screws                                      
REQUIRES: Front and rear 4-link axle trusses;                                  
            Hot Racing #SCX08F01 (HRAC1336)                                    
            or the Axial stock plastic version, #AX80043 (AXIC0044)