SCP10MW01 Aluminum 12mm Multi Width Hex Hub 30 to 60mm

$46.99 CAD
$46.99 CAD
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  These are the Hot-Racing 12mm Multi Width Hex Hubs 30 to 60mm.         
FEATURES: Fits many 1/10 scale models with 12mm hex drives and 5mm axles       
          Widens track width 15, 20, 25 or 30mm per side                       
          CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum construction, anodized black           
          Thirty day limited warranty beginning at date of purchase-valid      
            in the United States only                                          
INCLUDES: Four each;                                                           
            15mm Hex Adapters                                                  
            5mm Extensions                                                     
            10mm Extensions                                                    
            Hot Racing Wheel Washer                                            
            15mm Cap Screws                                                    
            25mm Cap Screws                                                    
            Lock Pins                                                          
REQUIRES: 2.5mm hex wrench                                                     
SPECS:    Hex Size: 12mm