RVO5080 18lb Blue Fast On-Road Springs 2

$10.99 CAD
$10.99 CAD
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This is a quantity of two Hot Racing High Lift Shock Springs           
                  for the GTR Shocks used on the Traxxas                       
               E-Revo, Revo 3.3, Slayer Pro 4X4, and Summit.                   
FEATURES: Cold coiled steel construction wound from pre-heat treated spring    
            wire stock                                                         
          Plated with chip resistant blue finish                               
          Approximately 0.196" (5mm) longer that stock springs to add 5-10%    
            more ground clearance after adding heavy duty upgrades or high     
            capacity batteries                                                 
          Thirty day limited warranty beginning at date of purchase- valid     
            in the United States only                                          
INCLUDES: Two Blue High Lift Shock Springs                                     
SPECS:    Diameter: 0.09" (2.3mm)                                              
          Spring Turns: 8                                                      
          Length: 1.9" (48.5mm)                                                
          Compression Rate; 18lb/in