RC4WD Humvee Single 1.9" Internal Beadlock Wheel

$45.99 CAD
$45.99 CAD
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4x Humvee 1.9" Scale Beadlock Wheel


The most scale wheel to date. CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum in extreme detail with functional internal beadlock. Engineered by Fracture in New Zealand, manufactured by RC4WD.

Why Hummer style?

Because of the difficulties of fitting a traditional bead-locking ring on the inside of a wheel while clearing steering components, a different approach is required for double beadlocks. Internal beadlock approach is completely different from normal slot based beadlock.

Product warning: Because the scale nature of this wheel, each tiny steel nuts and bolts is extremly easy to break during installation. Each wheel is shipped unassembled and can take up to 45-60 minutes to assemble just one wheel.


  • CNC machined billet aluminum rims
  • Internal beadlock design
  • Wheel width: 25.4mm / 1inch
  • OD:48.26
  • Positive Offset: 16.1mm/0.63inch
  • Wheel weight: 91g/3.2oz (each wheel)
  • 12mm Hex mount
  • Fit 1.9" size tires


Installed on our Fracture's truck: