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      This is a 12x7 Airplane Propeller. It is a "tractor" (not a "pusher") Prop.  
    FEATURES: Computer-optimized design gives these props a thinner profile        
                and more "bite" with less noise.                                   
              Lightweight molded nylon construction reduces rotating mass for      
                higher output and longer life.                                     
              Reinforcing carbon fibers help maintain true, constant pitch at      
                any rpm.                                                           
              "C2" design (see COMMENTS).                                          
    INCLUDES: One Carbon-Reinforced NYLON Propeller                                
    REQUIRES: ALL props require balancing, this is VERY important, use TOPQ5700.   
              May need prop reamer, use GPMQ5005 (SAE) or GPMQ5007 (Metric)        
    SPECS:    Length:  12"                       Pitch:  7                         
              Thickness at hub:  1/2"            Hole diameter:  1/4"              
    COMMENTS: The "C2" stands for the production run in which the prop was made. 


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