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                  This is the APC 12x3.8 Slow Flyer Pusher Propeller.              
    FEATURES: Designed for counter clockwise rotating tractor applications         
              May also be used in a true pusher application by mounting with the   
                APC lettering facing toward the front of the aircraft              
              Long fiber composite construction                                    
    INCLUDES: APC 12x3.8 Slow Flyer Pusher Propeller with two Hub Inserts          
    REQUIRES: ALL props require balancing, this is VERY important, use TOPQ5700.   
    SPECS:    Hub Diameter: 0.50"                                                  
              Hub Thickness: 0.30"                                                 
              Shaft Diameter: 1/4"                                                 
              Propeller Weight: 0.63oz. (17.9g)                                    
    COMMENTS: Not for use with gasoline engines


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