20506 1/50 Marina II Wooden Model Ship Kit

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This is the 1/50 scale Marina II Fishing Boat Model Kit from Artesania Latina. Three anchor difficulty rating.


Discover the fishing boat Marina II, wooden model of this Cantabrian´s tuna ship. Dedicated to the bonito fishing in the summer months, the rest of the time it was dedicated to catch other species or to fish in other areas following the seasonal migration of other species of bonito.

The traditional method of fishing of these boniteros is the troll and the live bait. This mode of live bait was made possible by using small bait fish caught by the bonitero himself with a small net of fence, keeping them alive on board in some nurseries. The seasonality of bonito fishing used to make groups of these boniters visible in the Mediterranean, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Alboran Sea.   



Build your 1:50 scale model of the fishing boat Marina II, a traditional bonitero of the Bay of Biscay. Its construction by means of false keel and frames approaches the assembly of its model to the construction of the real ship.

The modeling kit contains high precision laser-cut board parts, fine woods, brass, cast iron and fabric. For the assembly you will be able to follow our complete guide step-by-step in 5 languages ​​and in full color, accompanied by the real-scale drawings of the boat.

Dimensions: Upon completion of the model it has 24.01” (610 mm) Length, 17.71” (450 mm) Height and 6.18” (157 mm) Width.

Minimum age 14 years
Difficulty. Who is it for? Recommended for initiated modelers with some experience and skill in the painting process. 

Upon completion of the model it has 24.01'' (610 mm) Length, 17.71'' (450 mm) Heigth and 6.18'' (157 mm) Width. 


The scale of the model is 1/50 .

Educational value

Know the fishing customs of the Spanish Cantabrian coast.

What does the kit include?

Laser cut board pieces, wood, brass and die-cast parts.

Cotton sails, cut and sewn by hand.

Detailed assembly instructions with color images.

Complete set of drawings in real scale model.

The model does not include the stand.

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