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    Hyperion Bullnose props are the best!


    Part Number: HP-P05040O6SET2


    Product Description

    Six-blade propellers for multicopters is a new trend that gives the user unparalleled performance when compared to standard 2-blade props. 6 Blade props can provide more thrust and more “bite”, especially useful for powering through extreme maneuvers.

    These 6-blade props come packaged as a pair of 2, with two CW rotation and two CCW rotation. There is a wide range of color options that can be mixed and matched to help with flight orientation.



    • Size: 5x4
    • Color: Black
    • Center Hub: 5mm
    • Material: Glass and Nylon fiber composite

    Included in the package:

    • 2 x CW rotation
    • 2 x CCW rotation


    Do Note: 6-blade props tend to pull more amperage due to the increase of prop disc area when compared to 2-blade props. Make sure not to burn your ESC's!


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