Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter 7"

$12.99 CAD
$12.99 CAD
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This is the heavy duty 7" Diagonal Cutter.                   
FEATURES: Induction-hardened cutting edge                                      
          Forged from chrome alloy steel                                       
          Ideal for 2-56 and 4-40 pushrods, 1/16"(1.5mm) and 1/8"(3mm) music   
            wire & 1/8"(3mm) braided cable                                     
          Rubberized handle ensures comfortable grip                           
INCLUDES: One Diagonal Cutter                                                  
SPECS:    Lenght: 7" (178mm)                                                   
COMMENTS: Caution: Always wear safety glasses when cutting with the Heavy Duty 
            Diagonal Cutting Pliers.