FuriousFPV RADIANCE Flight Controller - Light Up The Skies

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Furious FPV Radiance - Light Up The Skies.

Providing stand alone integration, the Furious FPV Radiance is flight controller perfection, providing a blaze of feature packed brilliance that equates to the perfect fit for aircraft utilizing their own PDB.

functionality is the key, but innovation is our specialty. With the Radiance FC, we designed this system to beautifully stack with 4in1 ESC for perfect CG, allowing a center of the frame layout to optimize acro flight. And considering the aircraft PDB will be utilized, weight is paired down, with an even more attractive price point to boot.

High performance and user friendly, the Radiance features cutting edge F3 chip MPU6000 processing power, built in BEC, integrated LC filter, iLap transponder, and a current sensor input, just to name a few. With this feature packed insanity, the Radiance shadows all other FC's, providing everything that's needed in one perfect package.

Step into the light with unworldly levels of capability & functionality, all at ultra budget friendly pricing. Simply put, this is the way we do it at Furious FPV.


- Stackable 4in1 ESC Ready

- Designed for Acro Precision via CG Perfection

- High Performance, User Friendly F3 MPU6000 Chip

- Built In High Power BEC

- Integrated LC Filter for Perfect Clarity

- Keeping Track with iLap Transponder

- Incorporated Current Sensor Monitor Input

- Ultra Low Cost, Ultra High Performance

- Latest Generation F3 Processor Chip

- 2S-6S Ready

- Ultra Compact Design for Ease of Installation

- Gold Plated Pads for the Very Best Connectivity

- Heavy Duty 2A BEC @ 5V Output and 0.8A BEC @12V Output

- Firmware Perfection via CleanFlight & BetaFlight

- BLHeli Pass Through Setup

- Sbus Ready w/ Built In Inverter

- Included Spektrum Satellite Port

- Frysky Telemetry, Ready & Waiting

- Full USB Support

- Built In Buzzer

Stack Em' Up.

Designed to be utilized with a stackable 4 in 1 ESC layout, the Radiance offers center of gravity perfection by placing the lion's share of the weight in the middle of the frame. What does this mean to you? Acro level goodness, with a finely balanced machine that is locked in and precise, no matter what the angle may be.

Illuminating F3 Chip Performance.

Utilizing the MPU6000 chip, the radiance takes advantage of high performance gyro performance that syncs at 2KHz with high vibration resistance, allowing hard mounting options versus traditional vibration isolating methods.

Seeing Is Believing.

With an integrated LC filter, video clarity is perfected, offering ultra levels of video quality that keep you in the sky under the most demanding RF conditions.

Staying On Track.

Stay in the know with iLap Transponder technology, which tallies your laps during the race. Simple and effective, iLap makes it easy when you're pushing hard to win.

More Power To You.

Don't limit your power! This Furious flight controller is equipped with 12V 0.8A output with a built in LC filter for the best results! The RADIANCE FC takes direct lipo voltage to power everything.  Furious FPV KOMBINI and RADIANCE flight controller are the first flight controllers that incorporates 12V BEC in to for VTXs that need higher voltage than 5V.  With 12V BEC, the cameras and VTXs are more stable. It also has built-in 5V 2A BEC and LC liter built-in so pilots have options to choose either using 12V for high voltage VTXs/cameras or 5V BEC for led strips or 5V VTXs/cameras

Stay In The Know.

With an integrated current sensor monitor input, you can keep track of crucial current as you fly, allowing you to keep tabs on power in demand - real time. 

Light Weight & Light On Budget.

Without the need for a built in PDB, the Radiance saves weight and cash with style. Utilize your aircraft's built in PDB and use only what you need, without the hit in weight and price.






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