Flat Washer #4 (8)

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$1.99 CAD
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 Protect soft wood from "pull-through" screws and your hardware from rust with 
Great Planes' Zinc-plated washers. The washers feature a large surface area    
that spreads holding power to more material, letting you tighten screws down   
without damaging the surface underneath. The special Zinc plating keeps them   
rust and corrosion-free, for easy installation and removal.                    
INCLUDES: Eight #4 Flat Washers and comes in a reusable plastic parts pack     
SPECS: Inside Diameter:  .130" (3.3mm)                                         
       Outside Diameter: .314" (7.9mm)                                         
                                                                    KPM 11/3/93
                                                            Update EEW 08/15/06
BOX DIMENSIONS:    1.75" W. X    .50" H. X   3.75" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .01 LBS.