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    This Dynamite® brushed crawler motor/ESC combo offers price sensitive enthusiasts the perfect arrangement for their crawlers. Additionally, the system is a great completion item for both kits and rollers. The combo includes a powerful, rebuildable 540 size 35 turn motor and a waterproof, NiMH/LiPo compatible, brushed ESC offering forward/brake/reverse, forward/brake and crawler drive modes. Additionally, it features "On the Fly" adjustable drag brakes with specific 3 channel radios. Its compatibility makes it an ideal replacement ESC or the perfect upgrade to your current non-LiPo, non-waterproof, or limited motor spec ESC. As with all Dynamite power systems, motors and ESC's are available separately.

    Component Specifications


    • Motor dimensions:  36mm dia x 53mm L
    • Shaft dimensions:  1/8”/3.12mm x 12.5mm
    • Input voltage limit:  2S-3S LiPo/6-9cell NiMH
    • Bearings/Bushings:  Ball bearings


    • Input Voltage:  2-3S LiPo, 6-9 Cells NiMH/NiCd
    • Size:  46.5x34x28.5mm
    • Weight:  68g
    • Motor Limit:  >12T 2S/ >18T 3S
    • On-Resistance FET:  .002
    • Continuous current:  40A
    • Rated/Peak Current:  180A
    • Braking Current:  90A
    • BEC Voltage:  6.0V 3.0A Peak
    • Connector:  IC3
    • PWM Frequency:  1KHz





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