GPMQ4990 Collet Cone Adapter 3.175mm Input to 5mm Output

$5.99 CAD
$5.99 CAD
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    This is the Great Planes ElectriFly Collet Cone Adapter 3.175mm-5mm.       
FEATURES: Aluminum construction, silver in color                               
          Mounts on electric motors with a 3.175mm shaft and adapts them to a  
           5mm diameter prop shaft                                             
          Cone shaped spinner nut adds good looks                              
INCLUDES: One 5mm Prop Shaft                                                   
          One Aluminum Knurled Prop Hub                                        
          One Aluminum Prop Washer                                             
          One Aluminum Spinner Nut (5mm threaded)                              
REQUIRES: Installation                                                         
SPECS:    Length: 1.42" (36mm) as assembled                                    
          Length: 1.10" (28mm) shaft only                                      
          Length:  .82" (21mm) spinner nut only                                
          Shaft Diameter: 5mm                                                  
          Spinner Nut Diameter: .47" (12mm) at the widest point                
COMMENTS: For the version without a spinner nut order GPMQ4962.