C005 Ceramic Bearing 6x12mm (2)

$27.99 CAD
$27.99 CAD
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This is a pair of 6x12mm Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearings
from Acer Racing.
FEATURES: Diamond polished Ceramic Nitride Balls for low friction, low heat
build-up and smooth operation
Sealed with exclusive no contact seals for low friction and super
dirt resistance
Lightly oiled with a exclusive SIN synthetic oil in a special
process that creates an ionic bond for silky, frictionless action
New HSR bearing cage design is specifically engineered for high speed
and high stress RC racing applications
INCLUDES: Two 6x12mm Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Ball Bearings
REQUIRES: Installation
SPECS: Inside Diameter: 6mm
Outside Diameter: 12mm
Thickness: 4mm