BSI142 Bob Smith Industries Foam-Cure Foam Safe Glue (4oz)

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$12.99 CAD
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Designed for use on EPP – Expanded Polypropylene (such as foam airplanes) and other foams.

This type of glue is a silicon based, clear flexible solution that is foam safe. It can also be used on wood and carbon fiber.

Set time is 15-30 minutes and when it is set it forms a flexible bond, unlike CA.

Full Cure:
12 hours

Quick Cure:
Applied to one surface and then join parts. The parts need to be held together for 30 minutes with either light tape or clamps. Pull apart.  Wait 30 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes and rejoin.  Foam-Cure acts like contact cement and will bond the parts together faster.

Size: 4 oz

Item: BSI-142