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    This Shock Set provides a pair of assembled shock absorbers filled with high-quality silicone shock oil for fast and efficient shock replacement on your vehicle.


    High-quality anodized aluminum shock bodies, shock caps, shock seal caps and preload adjusters - Strong 4mm stainless steel shock shafts for long-lasting durability - Tough composite shock rod ends and spring retainers - Supplied assembled - Ready to bolt on to your vehicle after fitting your choice of spring - Shock boots included for shock shaft protection - Additional tuning pistons supplied


    Length: 117mm (center to center)

    Internal Bore Diameter: 16mm

    Included Shock Oil: 550cSt Silicone Shock Oil

    Piston: 1.4mm x 8 hole pistons


    2 x Assembled Shock Absorbers

    4 x Blank Tuning Pistons

    2 x 1.2mm x 8 Hole Tuning Piston

    2 x 1.3mm x 8 Hole Tuning Piston

    4 x Sway Bar Pivot Balls



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