80096 Rear Step Bumper Metallic Silver T/E-Maxx

$12.99 CAD
$12.99 CAD
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     This is an optional Silver Rear Step Bumper for the Traxxas E/T-Maxx      
            This part replaces the stock satin chrome bumper.                  
FEATURES: Light silver in color                                                
          Nylon construction                                                   
          Realistic design looks more like a bumper found on a full sized truck
          Flat bottom countersunk mounting holes.                              
INCLUDES: One rear bumper                                                      
REQUIRES: RPM recommends using four 5-40 x 1/2" steel mounting screws in place 
            of the stock aluminum screws.  We do not carry these at this time. 
SPECS:    Length: 140mm (5.52")                                                
          Height: 26.5mm (1.05")                                               
          Depth: 13.5mm (0.53")                                                
COMMENTS: This bumper will not work on the front of the vehicle.               
          This bumper is a not metallic color.