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    These are optional Pro-Line Powerstroke Front Shocks
    for use on the Traxxas Slash, Slash 4x4, Stampede,
    Associated SC10, HPI Blitz and Kyosho Ultima SC vehicles.
    **The Associated SC10, HPI Blitz, Traxxas Stampede, and Kyosho Ultima SC**
    **require the 6063-05 Universal Shock Mounting Kit, PROC6079.**
    **The Traxxas Slash and Slash 4x4 do not require the Shock Mounting Kit.**
    FEATURES: Dual-stage spring rate
    Injection molded spring retainer and shock ends
    Aluminum body and shock cap
    3.5mm shock shafts
    Bladder sealed shock cap (easy to bleed)
    Free flow molded pistons
    Nitrate coated shock shafts
    INCLUDES: Two pre-assembled front Powerstroke Shocks
    REQUIRES: Shock oil
    Installation on vehicle
    SPECS: Length: 98.5mm (3.88")
    Spring Diameter: 19mm (0.75")



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