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           This is the Traxxas 775 Titan Motor.                       
    FEATURES: Five-pole armature for superior torque and smoothness                
              Heavy-duty 5mm output shaft                                          
              Features an extra wrap of steel around the can for maximum           
               magnetic field strength                                             
    INCLUDES: One Traxxas Titan 775 with preinstalled leads and connectors         
    REQUIRES: Installation on vehicle                                              
    SPECS:    Can Diameter: 46.35mm (1.8")                                         
              Can Length: 67mm (2.6")                                              
              Shaft Diameter: 5mm (0.20")                                          
              Shaft Length: 13.5mm (0.53")                                         
              Input: 16.8V                                                         
              Turns: 10 turns                                                      


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