5357 Rocker Arm Set Progressive-1 Revo

$11.98 CAD
$11.98 CAD
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   This is the Progressive-1 Rocker Arm Set for the Traxxas Revo.         
           They are part of the suspension and act as a cantilever             
                    system for the Front & Rear Shocks.                        
FEATURES: Plastic construction                                                 
          Gray in color                                                        
          Progressive 1, Low Rate                                              
INCLUDES: One Left/Front Upper Rocker Arm                                      
          One Left/Front Lower Rocker Arm                                      
          One Right/Front Upper Rocker Arm                                     
          One Right/Front Lower Rocker Arm                                     
          One Left/Rear Upper Rocker Arm                                       
          One Left/Rear Lower Rocker Arm                                       
          One Right/Rear Upper Rocker Arm                                      
          One Right/Rear Lower Rocker Arm                                      
REQUIRES: Assembly to vehicle                                                  
          If Pivot Bearings are needed, use TRAC5116                           
          If pushrods are needed use, TRAC6318                                 
SPECS:    Progressive Rate: One   (Low)                                        
          Total Travel:     90mm  (60mm up/30mm down)                          
                            3.54" (2.4" up/1.2" down)                          
COMMENTS: Other Progressive Rates are available:                               
           -TRAC5358  Progressive 2  Medium                                    
           -TRAC5359  Progressive 3  High                                      
           -TRAC5356  Long Travel    Low - 120mm (80mm up/40mm down)           
                                           4.72" (3.2" up/1.6" down)