4981 Ring Gear/Parts T-Maxx

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$16.98 CAD
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          This is the Ring Gear and Parts for the Traxxas T-Maxx               
                      4WD Radio Control Monster Truck.                         
     These ring and pinion gears are installed in the front diff housing.      
FEATURES: Replaces worn differential gears                                     
          Ring gear, pinion, washer and screws are constructed of steel.       
          Differential carrier is made of plastic.                             
INCLUDES: One 37 tooth ring gear.                                              
          One 13 tooth pinion gear.                                            
          One differential carrier.                                            
          One 6x10x0.5mm washer.                                               
          Four machine screws.                                                 
REQUIRES: Disassembly of differential housings and attaching the ring gear to  
            the differential carrier allowing the differential gears to mesh.