4937 Traxxas Skidplate, front plastic (black)/ stainless steel plate

$8.98 CAD
$8.98 CAD
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      This is the Front Skidplate for the Traxxas T-Maxx Monster Truck.        
  This skidplate bolts to the Chassis (key #4922) and the Bulkheads key #4930  
              and provides protection to the front differential.               
FEATURES: Skidplate is constructed of high impact molded black plastic.        
          Front of skidplate kicks up at about 45 degrees to shield the        
            differential from crash damage or hard landings from jumps.        
          Stainless steel mounting plate provides rigid mounting surface.      
INCLUDES: One plastic front skidplate                                          
          One stainless steel mounting plate.                                  
REQUIRES: Installing on chassis with four 3x10mm countersunk machine screws    
            (not included, use TRAC3277).