400RV Big Wheels 4 (2)

$32.99 CAD
$32.99 CAD
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          These Wheels are used for Large Scale Model Airplanes.               
FEATURES: Nylon Two-Piece Bolt-Together Hubs and Hubcaps                       
          Smooth Wheel Surface                                                 
          Completely Inflatable with Positive Air Seal Valves                  
INCLUDES: Two 4" Big Wheels w/Hubs, Five Bolts and Nuts all preassembled       
          Two Hub Caps                                                         
          Two Hub Cap Screws                                                   
          Two Hub Cap Brass Tube Supports                                      
REQUIRES: Air pump                                                             
SPECS:    Axle Hole Diameter: 5/32"                                            
COMMENTS: Instructions are on header card.