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                   Du-Bro Low Bounce Smooth Wheels are Perfect for                 
                   Trainer, Sport, Scale or Pattern Aircraft Models.               
    FEATURES: Low-Bounce, Non-Treaded Rubber Tires                                 
              Nylon Hub for Longer Wear                                            
    INCLUDES: Two 3 1/4" Low Bounce Wheels                                         
    SPECS:    Width: 1 11/64"  (30mm)                                              
              Weight per Wheel: 3.07 ounces (86 grams)                             
              Center Hole Diameter: 5/32" (4mm)                                    
              Outside Diameter: 3 1/4" (83mm)                                      
    COMMENTS: Hubs fit 5/32" axles. May be drilled out to fit 3/16" axles maximum. 


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