3045X Latrax ESC Waterproof

$83.98 CAD
$83.98 CAD
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               This is the Waterproof Electronic Speed Control                 
                   for the Latrax Rally Car from Traxxas.                      
FEATURES: Stock replacement ESC for the Latrax Rally Car                       
          Fully proportional forward, brake, reverse, programmable with three  
            driver profiles Sport, Race and Training modes, two-stage low      
            voltage detection for optional LiPo battery                        
INCLUDES: Waterproof Electronic Speed Control with Kyosho type Battery         
            Connector, Receiver Connector, and pre-tinned Motor Leads          
SPECS:    Dimensions: 1.8x 0.63 x 1.04" (47 x 16 x 26.5mm)