27018 Hand Drill

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$16.99 CAD
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The mechanized hand drill should be in your tool bag and at your own modeling workshop. It has grooved metal areas to facilitate holding with the gripper: much more firm when drilling with your hands and with the support of another tool.

Drilling holes in wood, metal and plastic with this small hand drill is now easier. The drill rotates directly when exerting pressure on the handle. The hand drill from Artesanía Latina measures 7’’ (17 cm) length. Includes a drill bit.


The mechanized hand drill has two chucks for bits with diameters from 0.049’’ (1.25 mm) to 0.078’’ (2 mm) at its ends.

All this makes it an indispensable tool for drilling holes with different dimensions according to the needs of the model that the modeler is building or the creation of the crafts lover. This small hand drill is widely used, for example, in naval modeling for the construction of the lining of wooden ships.

Artesanía Latina's mechanized manual drill for modeling and crafts is made with high quality materials for the most demanding modelers due to its durability and resistance.

It is a mechanized drill that greatly facilitates the drilling of all types of surfaces such as wood, metal and plastic thanks to its system, since the drill rotates directly when exerting pressure on the handle.

This hand drill is essential in your tool bag!