27017 Modeler's Tap Hammer

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$9.99 CAD
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Artesania Latina modeler's hammer is a basic tool for modeling at your modeling workshop. It has a metal head and handle for greater effectiveness, precision and maneuverability. The modeling hammer measures only 6.69'' (17 cm) and has a very low weight, so it is very easy to store and transport in the box or in the tool case.

Made of high quality metal materials to ensure longevity in use, thus meeting the demands of our modeling friends.


The uses of the modeling hammer are essential when you are carrying out small-scale tasks, especially those related to the model building, dioramas and other hobbies that require of tools with reduced size.

Mainly, the modeling hammer is used to drive any type of nail on model building processes and other small crafts. For example, it is much more necessary even when the ship scale models hulls are being built, but it is a modeling tool that has countless uses in other hobbies thanks to its small size and robustness.