27004 Multi Cutter Set Inches/Centimeters

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$34.99 CAD
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It is one of the most essential modeling tools and sets, which can also be used for all kinds of crafts: it is the guillotine to buy, it is the multi cutter hand tool for modeling and crafts. One of the best modeling tools available in the market is the guillotine kit from Artesania Latina.

Multi cutter uses? For example, it allows you to cut wooden and plastic strips with precision and quickly, besides facilitating that it is done with a great variety of angles. This is because this multi cutter tool has an adjustable angle from 45º to 90º, thus allowing miter joints, moldings to decorate corners and, of course, finish the ends of the strips with a certain angle, among other actions.

But, not only wood and plastic, the modeler can cut with our multi cutter hand tool, with our guillotine blade, paper, rubber, cardboard... In short, it is an exceptional multi cutter machine!


Adjustable Guillotine Cutter from 45º to 90º Cutting guillotine with adjustable angle from 45º to 90º. It makes fast and precise cuts in a multitude of soft materials: wood, plastic, cork... It has measures indication for the cut in metric and imperial system. Includes rubber feet (suction pads).
Blade Spare blade for additional cutting.

Additional (martyr: part of the base that is marked by the guillotine cut).


Recommended Minimum Age 14 years old.
Product Safety
Contains dangerous tools if not used properly. Use under adult supervision. Keep out of the reach of children.
Product Care

It is recommended to keep tools rust free and sharp for safer use.