22860 1/90 SJ Nepomuceno

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Discover the Spanish ship San Juan Nepomuceno thanks to the wooden model of this online warship with 74 cannons. It belonged to the Spanish Armada of the XVIII Century. This galleon is a beautiful example of the heroism and gallantry of the Spanish sailors widely demonstrated in the Battle of Trafalgar.

Built in the shipyards of Guarnizo (Cantabria) in 1765, the San Juan Nepomuceno fulfilled different performances until in 1803 it was placed to the control of Cosme Damián Churruca.  

Two years later, he would take part in the Battle of Trafalgar forging the legend: severely wounded and surrounded by up to 6 English ships, Churruca forbade his officers to surrender and ordered to continue fighting.  

After the death of Churruca and his second commander, the commanding officer ordered to surrender by adding by hundreds the wounded and deceased on board. Captured by the Royal Navy, the San Juan Nepomuceno would be towed to Gibraltar and exposed to visitors, who had to be discovered in respect to enter the captain's chamber.  


Assemble your 1:90 scale model of San Juan Nepomuceno, famous ship of the Spanish Armada. Its design by means of false keel and frames about its assembly to the one of the real ship. It is aimed at elite modelers.

The model ship kit contains all the parts you need to assemble the model. High precision laser-cut board parts, hardwoods, brass, cast iron and cotton threads and sails ready to be placed. As a bonus, exhibition base to be built and to show the assembled model.

For its assembly, you can follow our complete step-by-step instructions in four languages, accompanied by the drawings of the completed boat, both of them on DVD format for computer -PC & MAC-. The kit does not include printed instructions. You can also download the digital instructions for free on the button of this product sheet called 'Instructions and Downloadable Contents'.

Once it is built, the faithful miniature replica measures 37.79'' (960mm) length, 15.74'' (400mm) width and 29.52'' (750mm) height. It is an amazing model ship of this legend of Spanish navigation!


This is the Latina 1:90 scale San Juan Nepomuceno wooden ship kit.
The San Juan Nepomuceno, 2700 tons, was constructed in the Royal
Shipyard at Gurarnizo (Santander) and launched in 1765. The San Juan
Nepomuceno was a solidly built ship of proven seaworthy qualities.
For advanced modelers.
FEATURES: Brass hardware such as eyebolts, stanchions, rings. and hinges
Highly detailed brass bow (figurehead) and stern parts
Detailed construction methods allow modeler to form the hull by
attaching planking strakes to the false keel and frames. Modeler
will want to file and sand the whole hull until you have a compact
and smooth surface. Also, each mast and yard arm are hand sanded
to the correct shape. All deck accessories must be built, painted,
or stained for added realism. Taking the time to do the detail work
will give, a truly realistic boat model and very rewarding building
experience for the modeler.
INCLUDES: One Latina 1:90 scale San Juan Nepomuceno ship kit. All fittings,
riggings, deck and hull planking strakes, masts, bowsprit, brass
stern moldings, 12-spools of rigging thread, pre-sewn sails,
decal sheet, die-cut sheet showing all die-cut parts, photo
illustrated instruction manual
REQUIRES: Varnish, paint, wood putty, carpenter's glue, contact glue, CA glue
debonder, sandpaper, and other miscellaneous building tools.
SPECS: Length: 960mm (37-3/4")
Height: 750mm (29-1/2")
Beam: 400mm (15-3/4")
Scale: 1:90 = (2/15 = 1 FT)
COMMENTS: Visit http://www.sanjuannepomuceno.co.uk/ for many photographs and
helpful building hints for this kit from beginning to end.
Some additional tools that might be helpful to the modeler.
Spring tension pliers
Brush (fine)
Hand Drill (HCAR0696)
Plank bender (LATR7550)