22810 HMS BOUNTY 1783

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Discover the HMS Bounty merchant vessel, the stage of one of the most famous riots in history, thanks to this fantastic wooden model ship kit. Captain William Bligh was embarked on a boat with eighteen loyal sailors and carried out a great feat by sailing more than 3,500 nautical miles for forty-seven days until arriving at port, losing only one of his men.  

In December 1787, HMS Bounty departed from England for Tahiti to transport bread trees to the Caribbean, finding a great storm that forced them to change course and arrive in Tahiti several months late. This delay forced them to remain on the island several months until it was again possible to collect the shoots from the bread tree.  

The crew became habituated to the customs of the natives and established relations with women of Tahiti, almost forgetting their condition of English sailors. After many difficulties on the part of Bligh to reimpose the discipline, undertook trip the 4 of April of 1789, producing the mutiny twenty-four days later.


Build your 1:48 scale model of the HMS Bounty merchant vessel, scene of one of the most famous riots in the history of navigation. The system of assembly of this model by means of false keel and frames approximates its design to the one of the real ship.

The wooden model ship kit all the parts the modeler needs to build HMS Bounty. It contains high-precision laser-cut board parts, hardwoods such as birch, brass, cast iron, cotton threads and hand-sewn sails ready to be placed.

For its assembly, you will have our complete full-color step-by-step instructions, accompanied by the drawings of the completed boat, both of them on DVD format for computer -PC & MAC-. The kit does not include printed instructions. You can also download the digital instructions for free on the button on this product sheet called 'Instructions and Downloadable Contents'.

Once it is assembled, this faithful miniature replica of HMS Bounty measures 38.58'' (980mm) length, 13.97'' (355mm) width and 30.03'' (763mm) height.

This scale model of the HMS Bounty boat includes the possibility of leaving open one of the hull bands to contemplate in detail the interior of the ship.


This is the 1:48 scale wooden model kit of the HMS Bounty from Latina.
The HMS Bounty is very well known to all from films and books.
It's relatively simple: a merchant ship, rigged as a frigate,
and equipped for exploration journeys, a common practice amongst
all the navies during the 18th century.
FEATURES: Mutiple die cut sheets of wood, five different colors and thicknesses
of rigging thread. Also includes African Walnut, Ramin, Mahogany,
and Plywood
Brass nails, strips, eyebolts, cannons and other brass parts
Sails are pre-cut and sewn, ready to be placed on model
INCLUDES: Written manual, color picture manual, sail diagram sheet and
three sheets of blueprints
SPECS: Length: 980mm (38-19/32")
Beam: 355mm (13-31/32")
Height: 763mm (30- 1/32")
Scale: 1:48= (1/4 = 1-FT)
REQUIRES: Wood Glue, CA Glue and Epoxy
Masking Tape
Metric Ruler
Right Angle
Magnifying Glass or glasses
Small Hammer
COMMENTS: Before building, modeler needs to do a complete inventory of the kit
to ensure that no parts are missing.
This kit is not for beginners. Modeler should have built two or
three wooden model ships before attempting this model.