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    This is the 1/84 Scale Wooden Model Kit of the Cutty Sark from Latina
    FEATURES: Mutiple die cut sheets of wood, five different colors and thicknesses
    of rigging thread
    Brass nails, strips, eyebolts and other brass parts
    Sails are pre-cut and sewn, ready to be placed on model
    INCLUDES: Written manual, color picture manual, sail diagram sheet and
    SPECS: Length: 40-19/32" (1032mm)
    Beam: 14-2/32" (624mm)
    Height: 24-17/32" (624mm)
    Scale: 1/84 1/7" = 1ft
    REQUIRES: Wood Glue, CA Glue and Epoxy
    Masking Tape
    Metric Ruler
    Right Angle
    Magnifying Glass or glasses
    Small Hammer
    COMMENTS: Before building, modeler needs to do a complete inventory of the kit
    to ensure that no parts are missing
    This kit is not for beginners



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