22411 1/65 Santa Maria

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$241.99 CAD
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This is the Latina 1:65 Scale Santa Maria Model Kit.
This Static Display boat is an all-wood replica of the Santa Maria
one of the three ships that Columbus sailed to the New World.
Latina rates the difficulty level at two anchors,
recommended for beginning to intermediate modelers.
FEATURES: Hand sewn and sized cloth sails.
All-wood construction features african walnut, mukali, plywood, and
Brass hardware such as eyebolts, hinges, capstan, nails and more.
Two colors of brown thread for realistic rigging applications.
INCLUDES: One Latina 1:65 Santa Maria Model Kit with pre-sewn sails, all
fittings and rigging, all deck planking, hull, masts, bowsprit,
two rolls of rigging thread, flag, photo-illustrated instruction
sheet and plans.
REQUIRES: Building tools, glue.
SPECS: Scale: 1:65 (1ft = 12/65")
Length: 22.04" (560mm)
Height: 19.09" (485mm)
Beam: 6.30" (160mm)
COMMENTS: Painting is not required, but a good choice for enamel model paint in
a large variety of colors would be the Humbrol line found under
vendor prefix ARXR.
This is an intricate model with many pieces and much finish work
required, previous modeling experience is helpful.