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    This is the BON RETOUR the 1:25 scale BON RETOUR by Latina. The Bon Retour
    is an all wood replica of a shell fishing boat, from the Brest roadstear,
    built in 1952, at the Tertu de Fret shipyards.
    Latina rates the difficulty level at one anchor,
    recommended for beginning modelers.
    FEATURES: Very Detailed Scale Boat
    Realistically Detailed Fitting Set Including Parts Constructed of
    the following: Brass, Acetate, Glass, Cast, Cloth, Galvanized Wire
    and Cotton Thread.
    Wood Planking
    Cloth Sails
    Plans and Instructions
    Static Display Model Only
    INCLUDES: Planked Hull, Fittings, Rigging, Plans and Instructions
    REQUIRES: Contact Cement, Paint and Brush, Tools (Needle Nose Pliers,
    Nail Nailer, Hobby Knife, Razor Saw, Hand Drill, Sandpaper)



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