This is the All Wood 1:25 Scale BOUNTY JOLLY by Latina.
This was one of the three life boats cast adrift after part of the crew from
the HMS Bounty committed mutiny.
Latina rates the difficulty level at one anchor,
recommended for beginning modelers.
FEATURES: Planked Hull and Deck
Detailed Step by Step Instructions
Die-Cut Parts
Highly Detailed Boat
All Parts Included (still requires tools and glues)
Static Display Model Only
INCLUDES: All Necessary Wood
Cloth for Sails
Plastic and Metal Hardware
String for Rigging
Plans and Instructions
Boat Stand
REQUIRES: Contact Cement, Paint and Brush, Tools (Needle Nose Pliers,
Nail Nailer, Hobby Knife, Razor Saw, Hand Drill, Sandpaper,
Bent Nose Locking Tweezer)
SPECS: Length: 10-3/4"
Height: 14-1/4"
Beam: 3-7/8"
Scale: 1:25 (12/25"=1 foot)



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