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    1545 Slipper Unit 80T Steel Spur Gear Wraith

              This is the optional Robinson Racing 80T Gen3 Slipper Unit           
                          for the Axial Wraith Rock Racer.                         
    FEATURES: Captured design prevents slipper pad blowout and delivers maximum    
                power to the ground                                                
              Hardened steel spur gear with 48-pitch teeth and installed           
                ball bearing                                                       
              Aircraft grade billet aluminum backplate                             
    INCLUDES: Backplate, Composite Slipper Pad and Spur Gear                       
              Instruction Sheet                                                    
                                                                       jxs 01/18/12
    BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.63" W. X    .50" H. X   5.25" L.
    BOX WEIGHT:     .10 LBS.RR


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