1327 Pinion Gear Aluminum Pro 48P 27T

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$8.99 CAD
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Robinson's Aluminum Pro pinions feature lightweight aluminum construction with 
an added hard coating that produces extra strenght and less friction. These    
pinions also feature a hollowed out core that reduces rotating mass for improv-
ed acceleration and deceleration. Available in 48 pitch from 12 to 35 tooth    
sizes, and in 64 pitch in 16 to 47 tooth sizes.                                
KPM 1/15/92                                                                    
INCLUDES:     1    48pitch pinion 27 teeth                                     
              1    4-40 set screw                                              
COMMENTS: This is the "Silencer Series" pinions.                               
                                                            update AXY 7/26/94 
BOX DIMENSIONS:    1.75" W. X    .38" H. X   2.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .02 LBS.