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              This is a pair of Pro-Line M2 Interco TSL SX Super Swamper           
                           2.2/2.0 Short Course Truck Tires.                       
    FEATURES: Ideal for the front or rear of Scale Short Course sized vehicles     
                including the new Traxxas Telluride                                
              Great All-Terrain Tire that can handle dirt, gravel, mud, rocks and  
                even the street                                                    
              M2 (medium) compound                                                 
    INCLUDES: Two Pro-Line Pro-Line M2 Interco TSL SX Super Swamper SC Tires       
              Two Closed Cell Foam Inserts                                         
    REQUIRES: Tire Glue DTXR2000, DTXR2002                                         
              Short course truck wheels                                            
    SPECS:    Diameter: 4.30" (110mm)                                              
              Width: 1.92" (49mm)                                                  
              Mounting Bead: 2.2" (56mm) Outer x 3.0" (76mm) Inner                 


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