0240 Illuzion Scalpel Speed Run Body Slash 4x4 Clear

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Illuzion - Slash 4x4 - Scalpel Speed Run body
Fits Slash 4x4 with #2173 JC bumper conversion kit


Speed is everything; it’s the greatest gift of R/C and particularly with the Traxxas Slash 4x4. An extremely popular off-road truck, the Slash 4x4, has all the components of an absolute beast of an on-road vehicle. JConcepts introduces the Scalpel speed-run body and front bumper conversion to convert the Slash 4x4 into an insane speed-run machine. Take on your personal salt-flats, drag strip or closed circuit course with power, speed, agility and style with JConcepts.

Looking straight into the headlights you can tell right away something is different about the Scalpel. A menacing look from the front-end highlighted by a dramatic chin-spoiler, the front-end is built for speed and direction. Large fenders allow plenty of clearance for the 2.8” G-Locs tires and the extremely low roof-line cuts like a knife. A shallow bed area gives the Scalpel a truck-like appearance while maintaining that all inclusive speed-line structure. Finishing off the body is clean and smooth with the inclusion of grill, headlight, taillight and miscellaneous logos that make the Scalpel look the part.

Making the conversion:

Converting the Slash 4x4 to the Scalpel speed-run vehicle requires body, bumper conversion and tires and wheels are highly recommended.    The assembly is simple and takes only minutes to complete.    First, remove stock bumper assembly and replace with the newly acquired speed-run accessories and foam bumper.   Make small changes to suspension set-up to limit down and up travel per instructions.    Detail, paint and trim Scalpel body.   Prep, mount and glue JConcepts 2.8” G-Locs tires onto 2.8” Rulux wheels and secure to the vehicle.    Locate, mark and ream the body mount locations and drop Scalpel body into place.    Hit your favorite closed circuit for the wildest speed-runs imaginable.

• 0240 - Illuzion - Slash 4x4 - Scalpel Speed Run body
• 2173 - Slash 4x4 - front bumper conversion kit
• 3056-00 - G-Locs - yellow compound - (fits 2.8" wheel)
• 3340B - Rulux - 2.8" E-Stampede - Rustler 2wd front and 4x4 F&R wheel


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