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      This is a quantity of four 1.55 Landies Vintage Wheels in Black from RC4WD.  
    FEATURES: Fits the Pitbull Growler 1.55 Scale Tires, also compatible with the  
                Z-S0374 1.9" 5 Lug Steel Wheel Hex Hub with the use of 12mm Axle   
                Wheel Hexes, Z-S0239                                               
              Stamped steel construction                                           
              Pin Drive (less offset and deep dish)                                
              Internal beadlock                                                    
              Five lugs                                                            
    INCLUDES: Four 1.55 Landies Vintage Wheels in Black                            
    REQUIRES: Twenty M2 x 8mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Z-S0750)                     
              Twenty M2 Nuts (ZS-1144)                                             
    SPECS:    Outer Diameter: 1.55" (39.37mm)                                      
              Width: 0.8" (20.5mm)                                                 
              Negative Offset: 0.31" (8mm)                                         
    COMMENTS: These wheels are unfinished and will rust when exposed to natural    
                                                                       jxs 06/22/15
    BOX DIMENSIONS:    4.50" W. X    .88" H. X   5.75" L.
    BOX WEIGHT:     .42 LBS.


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