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        This is a pair of RC4WD Interco Super Swamper 40 Series             
                             3.8" TSL/Bogger Scale Tires.                          
    FEATURES: Ideal mud tires for the scaler market                                
              Rubber construction, 40-45 hardness rating                           
    INCLUDES: Two Interco Super Swamper 40 Series with Foam Inserts                
    REQUIRES: Wheels such as the Z-W0137 Demolisher Universal Beadlock Wheels,     
    SPECS:    Outer Diameter: 9.68" (246mm)                                        
              Width: 5.9" (150mm)                                                  
              Inner Diameter: 3.81" (97mm)                                         
              Firmness Compound: Advanced X3 Soft & Sticky                         
              Weight: 41.9oz (1188g)                         


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